OGA MegaTech Company Limited is a subsidiary of the OGA Group. Founded in 1995, OGA MegaTech is a IT System Integrator company for modern enterprise solution to provide one stop services with Highest Standard Quality Support especially IT Consulting Team, experienced Hardware & Software Team. As well as we joined with World-Class Partners in IT Networking, Infrastructure and Banking and Financial Service Solutions, with clients as leading organizations in both the private and public sectors.


Financial & Banking Solution

With an experienced IT team and our World-Class Partners in Banking and Financial Service Solutions will help you manage complex financial and payment systems is fast and easy with modern solutions and outstanding with ISO 20022.

Networking & Telecommunication Solution

Today high-speed network and advanced telecommunication is very necessary to drive businesses, organizations and help customer needs with easy, fast and convenient services. The OGA MegaTech team has expertise and is ready to provide advices with a wide variety of network and telecommunication products and solutions from global partnership

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Security Solution

We are security experts for more than 20 years, trusted by leading companies in Thailand to provide security solutions for IT security systems to be effective as required by the organization and protect risks from cyber threats.
OGA MegaTech is the first importer of SonicWall in Thailand.

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Helipad Lighting System

We have gained the trust of government agencies to provide heliport lighting system, designed applications in accordance with ICAO standards and installed in accordance with flight safety and ground safety including after sales service.
L3-Calzoni Calzoni is a leading company in the Aerospace & Defence market. They are providing for Marine Handling & Lighting Solutions aviation lighting systems install on ship flight decks, heliports, airports, portable runways, offshore platforms

Clampco Sistemi is the brand for a whole set of products ranging from aircraft warning light systems to antennas and probes for EMF measurements. Nowadays, Clampco Sistemi has earned a reputation for delivering the best solutions of aircraft warning light systems worldwide.

Hardware &

We have been the turn key provide total solutions including installation, maintenance for hardware, software, operating system, database and infrastructure over 20 years to fulfil business requirements in variety sectors Thai Governments, Private companies, Banking and Telecommunication.